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Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology & Management (MGITM)
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology & Management (MGITM)is an organization for employee who have been busy in the field of Engineering & Technology professions. To improve and establish their standard of Engineering profession MGITM was formed. MGITM offers different courses for those who have been busy to the development of New India. MGITM conducts Diploma level examinations at its various study centers in India twice a year for those who had to take up employment at lower level due to any reason but deserves Diploma in their relevant field in order to improve their employment and working status. MGITM has been registered under Govt. of India under Act 1882. MGITM has been empowered to issue membership and franchisee certificates to its members who fulfill the membership criteria.

Our alumni have been working in every field in whole over India. Govt. of India (Department of Technical & Higher Education) Ministry of Human Resource Development has recognized membership programmes and franchisee. MGITM has good relations with Engineering Professional Societies/Institutions/Universities in the country as well as around the world. MGITM plays vital role in the field of engineering. MGITM encourage institutes, Colleges, Individuals, Industries and organizations including Govt. /Non Government/ PSU/Private sectors to become the institutional members of MGITM Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology & Management (MGITM) is one of the best professional institutions in India established in 2010 to promote, advance knowledge, technical support & exercise of engineering professionals. MGITM is thus helping thousands of persons of our country working in engineering to obtain engineering qualification & also to enhance their technical expertise to boost up their engineering career so that they could get formal diploma as they had not secured their admission in regular Polytechnics or Engineering Colleges due to any reason.